The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday


  • Is Schiller’s really serving up latex salads? A re-examination of the latest shocking restaurant video.
  • [Gridskipper]

  • One Soho shop is selling trendy paint-splattered jeans for toddlers–just $166 a pair! Quoteth the Shophound: “as if he wouldn’t be able to get them dirty himself!
  • [Shophound]

  • “We’ll never mention that dumptruck again.” So says Rosie after 40 seconds of slightly uneasy Donald bashing. Her heart hasn’t been in the fight lately, so maybe she means it. ::a tear::
  • [Gawker]

  • Gay activist Larry Kramer gave an ass-kicking speech last night in the West Village and makes an immediate call to arms. Mr. Kramer said a new “gay army” needs to protest Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell. The place: Thursday, at noon, in Times Square.
  • [Towleroad]

    – Chris Shott and John Koblin The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday