The Field in Brooklyn's 40th

Here is how the field is shaping up in the second special election for Brooklyn’s 40th Council District.

Mathieu Eugene, the winner of the first special election who foundered on questions about his residency, is in for another race.

Jennifer James, who the Daily News endorsed and came in second, is out.

Jesse Hamilton, who the Times endorsed, is out and is staying neutral for now.

Wellington Sharpe, who has run for things before but has yet to win anything, is in.

Harry Schiffman, who had the distinction of being the white candidate in the majority-minority district, is in.

And blogger Rock Hackshaw, as far as I know, has yet to put himself into the mix, draft efforts notwithstanding.

The deadline to file petitions to qualify for the ballot is March 21.

Any late additions?

— Azi Paybarah The Field in Brooklyn's 40th