The Morning Read: Monday, March 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton said that under her presidency, redeployed troops remaining in Iraq would not stop sectarian violence even if it turned into ethnic cleansing.

Hillary is looking for more support among black women.

Andrew Kirtzman takes a long look at Rudy Giuliani in the Washington Post.

Giuliani defended his law firm’s connection to the oil company controlled by Hugo Chavez.

Barack Obama’s roots in Hawaii are explored.

Obama and Al Sharpton chatted by phone and buried whatever hatchet might have existed.

Eliot Spitzer’s argument against the hospital lobby could be a road map for his fight against the teachers union.

Several upstate county governments, which receive state aide, have hired Sheldon Silver’s law firm.

The state has been tampering with the natural spring water in Saratoga Springs.

Rival studies give top honors to New York and London for financial competitiveness.

The Bloomberg administration is adjusting its strategy on homelessness.

Some legislative staffers in Albany are making six-figure salaries and have access to state-owned cars.

Union leaders in New Jersey say their contract negotiations are being undermined because the governor had a personal relationship with influential labor leader Carla Katz.

And New York’s fanciest postal code is getting smaller.

— Azi Paybarah
The Morning Read: Monday, March 19, 2007