The Morning Read: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eliot Spitzer attacked the state Senate’s budget plan.

Moving the state’s presidential primaries to February is something Spitzer increasingly favors.

Joe Bruno, who is under FBI investigation, used campaign funds to pay for his lawyers.

Rudy Giuliani’s law firm lobbied for an oil company controlled by Hugo Chavez, who thinks George W. Bush is the devil.

Giuliani will skip a candidate forum hosted by firefighters in DC today.

The city’s former police commissioner, Bernie Kerik, turned down a plea deal that would have him serve jail time.

Bloomberg’s education trouble has created an opportunity for at least one person hoping to replace him.

Cardinal Egan is butting heads with the teachers union over school rebates.

Al Sharpton said it’s “absurd” to think he’s jealous of Barack Obama, even though he keeps talking about him all the time.

And passing a same-sex marriage bill in Albany probably won’t happen this year.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: Wednesday, March 14, 2007