This is crazy, even for New Jersey

In New Jersey politics seven years ago, he was known as Rocky Flash €” a race car driver and professional wrestler from Union County who wanted to run for Congress against Donald Payne. But in an extremely close contest (16-11) at the 2000 Union County Republican Convention, the GOP picked a guy named Dirk Webber instead. Flash dropped out of the race and moved out of state.

But with New Jersey’s fifteen electoral votes at stake next year, Flash €” whose real name is Jonathon Sharkey, aka “The Impaler,” €” voters may see a return of Flash, who is living in Union County again. He is running for President as the candidate of the Vampire, Witches and Pagan Party. He says he might ask Christie Whitman or Elizabeth Dole to be his running mate (not likely that either would accept) and if he wins, former Congressman Bob Franks would be the White House Chief of Staff. (Franks, asked if he was interested, has not responded.)

According to published reports, Sharkey/Flash is “currently being investigated by the Secret Service for potential threats toward President George W. Bush.”

His official campaign biography is worth the read, and remember that 41% of the Union County GOP organization wanted this guy to be their Congressman. This is crazy, even for New Jersey