Waxing the poetic in the fifth

Compassionate Rotarian-American Paul Stuart Aronsohn doesn't know how Scott Garrett sleeps at night. The fifth district Democrat, mulling a rematch of his '06 campaign against Garrett, says the Republican Congressman is "immoral" for voting against Hurricane Katrina victims.

“How, in good conscience, could Garrett vote against the victims of Hurricane Katrina for a second time?,” Aronsohn asked. “Frankly, I don’t know how he sleeps at night.”

Aronsohn says Garrett's vote is either arrogant or extremist.
“Call it arrogance. Call it extremism. But whatever you call it, one thing is clear: By voting this way, Garrett thumbed his nose at the Katrina victims and at the compassionate people who live in our community.” Waxing the poetic in the fifth