Winners and Losers: State Budget

I just got off the phone with a senior member of the legislature who said, based on the state budget agreements so far, “Joe Bruno cleaned Eliot’s clock.”


“The fundamental concerns Joe raised earlier, cuts to hospitals and health care, saving 1199 and GNYHA, and dealing with idiosyncrasies of school funding. Joe got all three. And as for process, it was the same as before,” this person said, referring to the closed-door meetings where much of the budget is still being negotiated.

The way Spitzer came into the budget negotiations with the legislature didn’t seem to work, according to this person:

“Eliot had two choices: Come in low and accept changes, or come in high and hold tight. He did neither.”

But, to be fair, this legislator wasn’t a Bruno sympathizer.

“I don’t think what Joe did was fiscally responsible. Biggest year to year spending increase in the state’s history.”

— Azi Paybarah

Winners and Losers: State Budget