WSJ's Jersey Office is Unionized

As contract negotiations continue with Dow Jones, the IAPE union is announcing today that they have unionized the company’s Harborside location, located in Jersey City, NJ.

For months, the IAPE has aggressively tried to gain a majority at the Jersey office, (at least according to the New York Post), where roughly 230 Dow Jones employees work.

UPDATE: A Dow Jones source writes in that the Jersey City office is not actually a Wall Street Journal operation, but part of Dow Jones Newswires. The Observer regrets the error.

Michael Calderone

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At 9:00 this morning IAPE notified Dow Jones that we have collected signed union-representation cards from a majority of union-eligible employees at Harborside and that IAPE is formally claiming the location.

The next step is an independent third-party verification of our majority. We are now preparing to work out the necessary details with the company and hope to have our numbers certified shortly.

For everyone involved in the effort, thank you. Your phone calls, your e-mails, your personal visits made a world of difference. This would not have happened without you.

There’s still a lot of work to do in our efforts to win the employees of Dow Jones more money, better benefits, stronger job protections and improved working conditions– but with Harborside joining the fight, we’re stronger than ever before.

Steve Yount
IAPE CWA 1096 WSJ's Jersey Office is Unionized