Yet another genius TV ad not made by Americans

As much as we sincerely enjoy watching disgruntled cavemen and talking geckos, we can’t help but feel as if the very coolest commercials are still being made overseas. Take, for example, the Snickers spot “Don’t Stop,” a cleverly conceived and awesomely executed piece of visual whimsy. The commercial asks what would happen if the stick figures on the illuminated Walk/Don’t Walk signs came to life. The answer? War, of course! The red and green figures take to the streets in a frenzied West Side Story–worthy rumble (the greens are triumphant).

This was an international production — the city scenes were shot in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the extensive animation was assembled in Amsterdam, and the entire commercial is set to a kicky Kuwaiti hip-hop song.

We don’t really get what this commercial has to do with a chocolate bar, but when something is this entertaining, who cares?

“>WATCH “Don’t Stop”

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Yet another genius TV ad not made by Americans