A Well-Connected Nonprofit

Here’s an invitation for an April 29th “political banquet” in support of Rep. Ed Towns, featuring appearances by Michael Bloomberg and City Comptroller Bill Thompson.

The event is being organized by Towns’ finance chair, the Satmar rabbi Leib Glanz, and as a reader who forwarded it to me noted, the RSVP phone number listed on the invitation is for his non-profit group, the United Talmudical Academy.

UPDATE: Isac Weinberger called to say that Glanz’s title as executive director of the non-profit group was listed for identification purposes, not as an indicator that the group was organizing the event.

As for the RSVP phone number… When I called, a man said it had been taken off the invitations and that it was added by mistake. He did not have the new number. A Well-Connected Nonprofit