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Gillian Reagan talks to a young former paratrooper and soon-to-be aide to Bill Richardson, who assesses the political leanings of his fellow soldiers as follows: “There’s certainly more Republicans, and there is a very visceral anti-Hillary bias in the military.”

According to scientists, that big storm was just a preview of what New York is in for, Lizzy Ratner reports.

Steve Kornacki writes about the return of an accidental governor: “Maybe Dick Codey is so well liked precisely because he came to occupy the state’s highest office by accident.”

Joe Conason wonders why the GOP isn’t more concerned about Ann Coulter’s voting misconduct.

And Jason Horowitz talks to the inimitable John Kerry.

“Someday, I may wind up making the choice to run again,” he said.

In time for the 2008 election?

“No,” said Mr. Kerry. “I am not talking about this election.”

Then which one?

“Who knows? I am just speaking philosophically,” he said. “If I said no to whatever possibility, I don’t know what those possibilities will be.”

— Azi Paybarah

Also in the Observer…