An Educational Meeting with Ann Lewis

The host of an event tomorrow night featuring Hillary Clinton advisor Ann Lewis tells me that the 30-person gathering is intended as an occasion for her friends to learn more about Hillary, and isn’t simply an effort to round up undecided donors and activists.

“I’m a huge Hillary supporter and I’m a great admirer of Ann Lewis and I wanted to give my friends a chance to hear her and to talk to her,” said the host, Sally Susman.

“I think people are trying to educate themselves about the candidates and this is a way to do it,” she said.

What are some things about Hillary’s background that people might not know, I asked?

“Several of the people attending are not political activists,” she said. “Some people who are coming have already contributed the max. It’s just people who would like to have the chance to engage, learn more. Some people are making their decisions.”

— Azi Paybarah An Educational Meeting with Ann Lewis