BFF! Curbed Is the HDC's 'Friend in the Media'


Curbed, the smartest and funniest real estate blog in New York (besides the one called The Real Estate, natch), will be honored next month at the Historic Districts Council’s Preservation Party.

The Web site’s honored peers include State Assemblywoman Deborah Glick (“Friend in High Places Award”) and the illustrious Broadway-Flushing Homeowners Assocation.

From the release:

Since its launch in May 2004, the website has established itself as the center of the virtual conservation about real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Constantly updated with the latest breaking news, Curbed has shown a great interest in covering preservation issues. Numerous stories about landmarks and potential landmarks have graced the pages of Curbed and helped to expose a huge new audience to the preservation efforts of organization sand individuals across New York City.

Mazel tov, gents!

– Max Abelson and Chris Shott

BFF! Curbed Is the HDC's 'Friend in the Media'