Big (Earth) Day: Mayor's 2030 Plan

In the American Museum of Natural History, on the Sunday afternoon of Earth Day 2007, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will unveil PlaNYC 2030, a 25-year approach to handling the expected influx of more than 1 million new New Yorkers. The announcement will cap many months of planning and speculation regarding the plan, and will mark the kick-off of initiatives likely to long outlive the Mayor's own administration.

The plan will have 127 initiatives meant to meet a wide variety of challenges spawned by the population growth. It calls for planting one million trees in the five boroughs in the next decade; and for building decks over trainyards so that apartment buildings can then be built on the decks. And, perhaps most controversially, the plan will call for charging motorists to drive toward midtown on most days. Motorists could be charged as much as $8 every weekday to drive south of 86th Street.

The complete details of PlaNYC 2030 will be available by late Sunday afternoon. Big (Earth) Day: Mayor's 2030 Plan