Bloomberg: Federal Govt Should Set Primary Dates

During his weekly radio interview on WABC, Mike Bloomberg just said he’d rather have the federal government determine when each state has their presidential primaries than to allow each state to decide.

To the extent that anyone cares what a mayor has to say about fixing the primary schedule, it’s not likely to be a particularly popular call. But he certainly seems to have hit on something that most state officials still seem to be dancing around: the fact that the current system is a nonsensical shambles.

Bloomberg, whose own presidential aspirations are still being floated regularly by some of his allies, also said (again) that he favors New York’s move to an earlier primary date–to February 4– but said he could yet be convinced that it’s not helpful to the democratic process.

UPDATE: A poll shows that a Bloomberg presidential run might be a really good thing for the Democratic candidate.

— Azi Paybarah

Bloomberg: Federal Govt Should Set Primary Dates