Bloomberg Not on Board With Giuliani's Security Assessment

For the record, Mayor Michael Bloomberg disagrees with Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that a Democratic president would leave the country more vulnerable to a Sept. 11-scale terrorist attack.

When asked this morning at a press conference in Manhattan about Giuliani's provocative comments in New Hampshire yesterday about the country being safer under a Republican, Bloomberg said, "I don't think that fighting terrorism is a partisan issue."

While Bloomberg emphasized that some candidates may be stronger than others on security, and that it was important that the country not hide from the real threats it faced in the world, he refused, unlike Giuliani, to frame the question in partisan terms.

"I don't see anything partisan about it whatsoever," he said. "I think you could have somebody of any party, any political persuasion or any nationality who understands that responsibility and that there are going to have to be very tough decisions." Bloomberg Not on Board With Giuliani's Security Assessment