Bloomberg's Charter School Threat

At a press conference on Monday about charter schools, Mike Bloomberg said (pointedly, I thought) that he wanted to let voters know who supported legislation creating more charter schools, and who didn’t.

I asked him at the time if that meant he’d do what Eliot Spitzer did in his “Bring the Budget Home” tour, which was to go around the state personally blasting lawmakers in their home districts. Or if was he going to do a ‘tell your Assemblyman’ kind of mailing, which 1199 did during the health care fight.

Bloomberg didn’t offer any specifics then and I, along with the city press corps, didn’t bother writing about it.

But during Bloomberg’s radio interview this morning, he re-stated his intention to single out legislators that didn’t support charter schools. For what it’s worth, he sounded like he meant it.

Charter schools, he said, are something that “parents want, it’s proven to work and there are people who vote against it. And I said and I mean this, I think we should go out and tell the voters in every district who stood up for parents choice. Who is really trying to help the kids and who is just trying to get some support from one organized group that may give them a little bit of money or stand up with them at the polls.”

— Azi Paybarah

Bloomberg's Charter School Threat