Brown fighting for his political life


Political rookie Robert Brown of Old Bridge did the legwork to get on the ballot as a Democratic State Assembly candidate in the 13th district, but he turned in his signatures with a cover sheet marked “general” not “primary” election, and now he’s in a battle for his political career, — even before it’s started.

A state Administrative Law Judge will decide Brown’s case tomorrow, and Brown is hopeful the court sees he made an honest mistake.

Brown’s mistake was nearly identical to the one made by Sandra Bolden Cunningham, a Democratic State Senate candidate in the 31st district. The state Division of Elections declined to certify his petition.

An attorney and former cop who was shot in a gun battle in 1981, Brown retired from the police force in 1988 and started a law practice.

“I still have the bullets lodged in my right shoulder,” he says.

Now he wants to run for the Legislature to combat property taxes.

“I’d never run for political office before,” says Brown.

Brown fighting for his political life