Carramanna vanishes


John Carramanna of Blackwood failed to gain suffiicient signatures to run in the Democratic Party primary election for 4th district State Assembly seat, Judge John Tasini of the state Office of Administrative Law ruled last week in Camden.

David Wald, a spokesman for the Attorney General's Office, said that Tasini examined the 121 signatures on Carramanna's petition after a challenge ordered by Michael Angelini, chairman of the Gloucester County Democratic Organization.

Wald said the judge deemed 56 signatures "invalid" of those Carramanna collected.

Of those signatures, 36 were of people who were not registered, seven were ineligible, nine were of people not residing in the 4th district, one was illegible, and three were incomplete.

The minimum number of signatures required by a candidate to qualify to run in the primary is 100. Since Carramanna only presented 65 legitimate signatures in Tasini's judgement, the candidate did not qualify to run.

A call to "John Carramanna of Blackwood" by resulted in a polite man on the other end of the line identifying himself as John Carramanna but saying he did not file to run for office in the primary.

"Other people have called," said the man who said he was John Carramanna. "But that's not me."

There are no other listings in Camden County for a John Carramanna in Blackwood. One Democratic insider says that John Carramanna is a student at the University of West Virginia.

The Democratic organization is running incumbent Paul Moriarty, the Mayor of Washington Township, and former Gloucester Township Mayor Sandra Love for the two Assembly seats. Carramanna vanishes