Central Park West Co-op With Mirrored Ceiling Sells for $3.56 M.

Pornographers, even the artiest ones, do not leave behind prim apartments. Lawyer Howard Yaruss paid $3.56 million for a savaged 16th-floor co-op at 80 Central Park West.

The seller was the estate of Ralph Ginzburg, who was briefly—and unreasonably—imprisoned for eight months in the 60’s after publishing four issues of the hardcover magazine Eros. He died last year at age 76.

The buyer described Mr. Ginzburg’s apartment as a catastrophe zone. “The apartment is painted black,” Mr. Yaruss said. “It looks like there’s something organic growing out of the floor.”

Mr. Ginzburg took up news photography at age 55, yet his old co-op is not photogenic. “He used one of the bathrooms as a darkroom, and the tub in that room has not a spot of white left on it.”

On the plus side, one of the three bedrooms has a mirrored ceiling. “I don’t know where your preferences are,” Mr. Yaruss told this reporter, “but it doesn’t appeal to me.” General counsels for financial-services companies are not renowned for their eroticism.

The apartment also has a wrap balcony that faces both south and east. “It is, in my humble opinion, the most breathtaking view I’d ever seen of Central Park,” the buyer said. His previous apartment, four floors up in the same building, didn’t have the same leafy vista.

But it had smoother plumbing. “Only one toilet functions,” Mr. Yaruss said about his new co-op, “and believe me, the one that functions you wouldn’t want to use.”

So the lawyer is gutting the place, which means the curved green-felt wall in the entryway will not be staying. He described his renovation plans as “modern-slash-Deco.”

Central Park West Co-op With Mirrored Ceiling Sells for $3.56 M.