City Council Dress Code: No Flip-Flops!

In case the warmer weather had you confused about what’s appropriate to wear around City Hall, here is today’s memorandum from the City Council to “all New York City Council Central Staff Employees” reminding them that even on casual Fridays dress code, “this is still a place of business.”

No jeans, hats, team jerseys, t-shirts, flip-flops, etc. The reader who forwarded this to me noted that under these rules, “Jose Rivera wouldn't be welcome at City Hall with his ‘The Bronx’ hat.”


FROM: Edward F. O'Malley
DATE: April 24, 2007
RE: Casual Fridays
While the Council has recognized the merits of allowing for a more relaxed dress policy on Friday's we must remember this is still a place of business. To clarify what casual dress means all employees are expected to be in appropriate business attire during business hours regardless of the day.
In light of this, we will continue our current practice. The following list are some items that are NOT considered appropriate business attire:
* jeans;
* hats;
* team jerseys;
* sweatpants;
* T-shirts;
* sneakers; and
* flip-flops.

If you have any questions about appropriate attire do not hesitate to speak to your supervisor. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

City Council Dress Code: No Flip-Flops!