Clean Elections set to meet today

Despite the weather, the Clean Elections District Selection Committee scheduled for today is still set top meet today to choose between districts 12 and 14 as the Clean Elections split legislative district. Democratic leadership — and GOP State Senate candidate Bill Baroni — want the 14th and the Republican legislative leadership want the 12th.

Baroni and Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein are expedted to appear and testify jointly in favor of their district. They both served on a commission that evaluated the first test of public financing in the last election and helped craft this year's law.

Former Governor Jim Florio will chair the committee, and would be the tie-breaking vote if the other four members — former State Sen. William Schluter, former Democratic State Chairman Tom Byrne, AFL-CIO staffer Steve Lenox, and former Assemblywoman Carol Murphy — fail to agree.

Presumably, Lenox will support the 14th — he once worked for Greenstein and is close to Assembly Democrats — and Murphy will clearly follow Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce's instructions and support the 12th. Byrne and Schluter are much more independent, although Senate Republicans last week suggested privately that Schluter has agreed to support Lance's choice. Clean Elections set to meet today