Cory Lidle and The Sheffield Conversion

One of the steps that Kent Swig took to convert the Sheffield from stolid rentals to luxury condos was adding the number seven to each floor (that’s how the Sheffield57 came to have 57 stories). It was one of numerous complaints by tenants that The Observer did not report in its story this week about the building’s conversion pains. Mr. Swig assured us that he had received approval from the Fire Department before undertaking it.

OK, but it sounds like the Fire Department is none too keen on this numerological marketing trend: Today, FDNY Chief of Operations Patrick McNally told a City Council committee that he supported a bill, sponsored by City Councilwoman Gale Brewer, that would require landlords to retain “the current numbering of all dwelling units on each floor of” large residential buildings.

What does this have to do with Cory Lidle? Chief McNally’s testimony, of which The Real Estate received a copy, reads:

As you may know, when we responded that day to the building fire that resulted from the plane crash, we discovered that the actual floor levels varied from the floor designations. This can impact our ability to respond to a high-rise and we have seen this mis-numbering of floors with some frequency in recent years.

Matthew Schuerman Cory Lidle and The Sheffield Conversion