Cuomo Celebrates Day 100


Andrew Cuomo, who has largely avoided overt self-congratulation since getting into the Attorney General’s office, is tooting his own horn a little.

A reader passed on an email Cuomo sent out to supporters to mark his first 100 days in office. “I am extremely proud of the myriad of accomplishments of my office in just a short time,” he wrote, “and it is a pleasure to share just a few of them with you today.”

He goes on to discuss the school loan investigations, his lawsuit against Exxon Mobil, preventing the sale of Starrett City and his efforts to make government more accountable.

The full email, which was paid for by Cuomo’s AG campaign, is after the jump.

Dear Friend,

This week I passed the 100-day mark of my tenure as Attorney General. I am proud of the work my office has accomplished these past few months, and I am grateful to you, my supporters, for helping me reach this milestone.

When you elected me to serve as your Attorney General, I committed to moving quickly and judiciously to deliver on my campaign promises. I made it a priority to lay a foundation with a top-flight staff, clear goals and unwavering integrity. And we have.

While I am flattered by some of the incredible feedback in the press, I could not have set to work on the objectives at hand without the help of my partners in state government and the excellent staff I am fortunate to have. I have worked closely with elected officials across the state, including Albany District Attorney David Soares on government corruption, Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes on Medicaid Fraud, and Erie County D.A. Frank Clark to help prosecute violent crime. In addition, New Yorkers are privileged to have the help of staff like Blair Horner, the Special Advisor on Policy and Public Integrity, Barbara Underwood, the former Acting Solicitor General of the United States, and Judge Leslie Leach, Deputy Attorney General for State Counsel.

I am extremely proud of the myriad of accomplishments of my office in just a short time, and it is a pleasure to share just a few of them with you today.

You may have heard about my national investigation into the secret dealings of the student loan industry and the new College Loan Code of Conduct we established between colleges and lenders. Due to the national scrutiny that has resulted, several schools have committed to returning $3.27 million to students. The nation’s two largest lenders have agreed to reform their practices and put $4 million toward educating college-bound students how best to shop for a loan. We have already changed the industry for the better and there’s more to come.

It is well known that New York City is suffering with an affordable housing crisis. When Starrett City, one of the nation’s largest subsidized housing complexes, went up for sale to a mogul with a long and tainted legal past, I spoke out and stopped the deal.

My office has launched legal actions against Exxon Mobil and others to ensure that the largest oil spill in North America is addressed responsibly and quickly. I will get them to clean up Greenpoint, Brooklyn and the adjacent Newtown Creek. Also, in Columbia County, I have filed suit against a company that dumped waste into one of our protected streams.

Finally, we are delivering on my campaign pledge to make public integrity a top priority. One of the most important tasks that my office has been charged with is assuring that taxpayer money is spent transparently, and with a real public purpose. My office is completing a thorough review of 6,000 member items from the 2005-2006 state budget cycle and a have introduced a set of new guidelines to help to end the secret back room deals that have too often been the method for allocating precious taxpayer dollars. We arrested and convicted a state official who stole $1.2 million in taxpayer funds over an eight-year period. And we are progressing with “Project Sunlight,” giving New Yorkers an internet database that will bring transparency to government and political operations.

This February, the New York Times said, “Andrew Cuomo and his high-powered staff are beginning to make waves all over the state…For anyone interested in improving Albany, this is sweet music.”

Public support can only be gained on the back of the hard work and results that my office has achieved. I am thrilled by what we have accomplished in just a few short weeks, but there is much more to do. I am grateful for your support, your input, your good wishes and even your criticism. I hope you continue to reach out as I proceed with the work New Yorkers demand and deserve.


Andrew M. Cuomo
Attorney General

Paid for by Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General

Church St. Station
PO Box 683
New York, NY 10007

Cuomo Celebrates Day 100