Cuomo "Totally" Supports Judicial Raises

Andrew Cuomo is frimly supporting efforts by state judges to force a pay raise.

“I support it totally,” said the attorney general in a rare interview this morning on WROW.

“She is right,” he said of the state’s Chief Judge, Judith Kaye, who is leading the effort. “You know, we’re in this conundrum. We need to get the best and the brightest into public service, especially in the judiciary. And, especially in the legal community, you have to pay a wage that is going to attract the talent.

“You can’t have a situation where you’re paying judges basically less than you’re paying first year legal associates who are coming out of top schools.”

Cuomo went on to say his office was asked by Kaye to research the feasibility of a suit against lawmakers to force them to raise judicial salaries.

State judges haven’t gotten a raise since 1999. Kaye currently makes $156,000 a year.

— Azi Paybarah Cuomo "Totally" Supports Judicial Raises