D’Amico, Schueler ready to run

Monmouth County Democrats Saturday nominated retiring state Parole Board Chairman John D’Amico Jr., and Bradley Beach Mayor Stephen G. Schueler as their two Freeholder candidates.

Party Chairman Victor V. Scudiery said the party had considered recruiting incumbent Freeholder Anna Little, a Republican, who’s repeatedly crossed swords with Monmouth County Republican Party Chairman Adam Puharic.

“We talked with Anna Little, and we did have the opportunity five or six months ago, but it came to a point where I knew it wasn’t going to work, because we just had so many people interested in running,” Scudiery said.

The Committee ended up backing D’Amico and Schueler based on what Scudiery cited as their considerable experience.

Schueler is a four-term, 15-year mayor and one time assistant county prosecutor.

As for former Superior Court Judge D’Amico, “He has one of the most distinguished backgrounds I’ve ever seen,” said Michael W. Mangan, director of the Monmouth County Democrats.

Added Freeholder Barbara J. McMorrow, who was sworn into office in January by D’Amico, “It’s an honor to have him run again.”

D’Amico, a former Oceanport Councilman, served two terms as a Freeholder in the 1980s.

D’Amico, Schueler ready to run