Did You End Up Talking to Gore Vidal?

Jon Bon Jovi may no longer be headlining, but the organizers of this summer’s Book Expo 2007 don’t feel any less young and hip for that.

Just look at the Web site! In its press area, there’s a special corner for bloggers (BookExpo America Loves Bloggers!).

Elsewhere, there’s a place to load in personal essays inspired by the event! (“Did you meet your wife? Lose your mind? Get stranded at the airport and end up talking with Gore Vidal? Tell us.” Umm, we’ll be tracking these closely.)

But best of all, there’s a little nook called “My BEA.”

It looks like in the future “My BEA” will be some kind of Nerds Only-Friendster page (social networking, blah blah blah).

But for now, the page is collecting profiles of “Book Industry Characters.”

Scroll past the guy who’s up there now (bookstore owner, American Booksellers Associaton prez, etc) and click on last month’s, which we somehow missed: it’s Jeff Seroy, FSG publicity gatekeeper!

Mr. Seroy has always been somewhat mysterious to us – we usually deal with his minions – so imagine our delight in learning that he loves yoga too! (Savasana, for those who don’t know, is corpse pose. Is he that guy who’s always snoring in our class at Om?) More here. Did You End Up Talking to Gore Vidal?