Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Blitzer

London Mayor Ken Livingstone applauds Mayor Bloomberg for copying his congestion pricing plan, and uses him as a cudgel against the Tories.

A majority of readers support Eliot Spitzer on same-sex marriage, according to The Agenda.

State Senators agree on pay raises for judges. And for themselves.

Here’s an alternate subway map, for straphangers who keep getting lost.

Wolf Blitzer will discuss Bloomberg for President.

NY residents affected by the northeaster can file their taxes as late as June 23.

A Mexican gay rights advocate is coming to town tomorrow.

John DeSio looks at a report on Hispanic attitudes towards Jews.

A building partially collapsed in Brooklyn.

The Bronx GOP is looking for district attorney candidates.

Christie Whitman took a swipe at Jim McGreevey.

The hockey playoffs are inspiring some upstate-downstate trash-talking.

And pictured above is John Spencer who, after tonight, no longer will be the last person to have debated Hillary Clinton. Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Blitzer