Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Mason


Glenn Thrush finds that Hillary Clinton accepted “Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s softcore $2,300 last month — after refusing to take Larry Flint’s $1,000 in 2005.”

The shooting at Virginia Tech didn’t slow down Barack Obama’s schedule.

Theresa Heinz Kerry will talk to The Daily Gotham.

Charles Barron wants a street renamed for Sonny Carson.

The Senate Republicans will pass a bill on term limits for legislative leaders.

A list of Assembly pork projects are here.

Eliot Spitzer is standing by his lieutenant governor, who wrote a letter saying that city kids visiting Cuba were “student ambassadors.”

Jackie Mason and Spitzer mix it up.

It’s almost turkey season.

And pictured above is Mike Bloomberg at a Staten Island garbage transfer station.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Mason