Elsewhere: Dinkins, Trippi, Cuomo


John Edwards hired Howard Dean’s Internet guru Joe Trippi.

Ben sees significance in Hillary Clinton’s use of the phrase “partial birth abortion.”

New Yorkers for Obama has scheduled a fund-raiser scheduled for June 1.

Andrew Cuomo will sue Drexel University for its student loan practices.

Tom DiNapoli is making some changes in his office.

Eric Schneiderman wants gun dealers to carry $1 million liability insurance policies and pay up if one of their weapons kills someone.

Harry Siegel says that Eliot Spitzer will “come to the table in a weaker negotiating position” during next year’s budget negotiation.

Sam Roberts spoke to Charlie Rangel about his memoirs.

A Republican congressman whose house was raided by the FBI yesterday is taking a “temporary leave of absence.”

Newt Gingrich had some kind words for David Dinkins [added].

And pictured above is a flier I got at the National Action Network convention today. Elsewhere: Dinkins, Trippi, Cuomo