Elsewhere: Eugene, Bloomberg, Spitzer

Mathieu Eugene and Harry Schiffman are the only candidates on the ballot for the April 24 special election in Brooklyn, a Board of Elections spokeswoman told me.

The AP has more on that national Eliot Spitzer PAC I reported on earlier.

A parent leader responds to being called a “special interest” by Mayor Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, who’s been on a tear against the media, threatened to take away press parking.

Liz, on her first full day blogging at the Daily News, has Al Sharpton’s letter about Don Imus.

Hillary said Imus’ remarks were “small-minded bigotry.”

Michael Cooper follows Citigroup’s response to Eliot Spitzer’s plan to close some corporate tax loopholes.

Ben has Barack Obama mail.

Hillary is winning the online primary, in at least one respect.

The Manhattan Institute has a spreadsheet of Albany’s pork projects.

Fred Thompson has lymphoma, but it’s in remission.

TNR decides that Democrats should avoid Fox News.

Rapper DMX failed to show up to court today.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Eugene, Bloomberg, Spitzer