Elsewhere: Giuliani, Clinton, Spitzer

Some lawmakers in Brooklyn are considering endorsing Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is late and to the left on the equal pay issue.

Chris Bowers tries explaining poll numbers for Hillary and Obama.

Mitt Romney, a conservative Mormon, will speak at Yeshiva University this Thursday.

According to Eliot Spitzer, Joe Bruno said his conference couldn’t survive without contributions from LLC’s.

A coalition of transportation groups is trying to debunk criticism of congestion pricing. [pdf]

Brooklyn City Council candidate Mathieu Eugene declined to show his medical diploma to a local Caribbean newspaper.

Queens Republicans are about to begin screening judicial candidates.

Some pollsters are attempting to demonstrate how popular the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is.

A former Republican candidate in New Jersey was accused of stealing money from MADD.

Controversial social therapist and Independence Party member Fred Newman isn’t surprised by the shooting at Virginia Tech.

And above is Rudy Giuliani speaking to Republicans at last night’s party event in Manhattan. Elsewhere: Giuliani, Clinton, Spitzer