Elsewhere: Giuliani, Fossella, Astoria


Rudy Giuliani stands by his support of publicly funded abortions.

Giuliani met with Florida Governor (and McCain ally) Charlie Crist.

Hillary Clinton’s blogger Peter Daou is pushing her petition urging the President not to veto legislation meant to speed the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

There may be problems with the city Education Department’s new computer system.

John Podhoretz thinks the gaudy Democratic fund-raising numbers could portend disaster for the GOP in 2008.

New York wineries can bet up to $1,000 to improve their websites.

The Daily News has a blog all about Astoria.

John McCain has set a date to “announce” that he’s a candidate for president.

Critical Mass is clashing with the NYPD again.

The mayor of D.C. has won preliminary approval to take control of the school district there.

And pictured above is the guy that Jay Golub wants to see as mayor.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Giuliani, Fossella, Astoria