Elsewhere: Giuliani, Obama, Ravitch


It’s unlikely Rudy Giuliani will be asked to testify before Hillary Clinton’s congressional committee, according to Glenn Thrush.

Barack Obama won’t attend the Congressional Black Caucus/Fox debate in September, which is pretty much the end of it, says Ben.

The roster of Hillary Clinton’s press team is here.

Mike Bloomberg thinks Eliot Spitzer is off to a good start.

Chuck Bennett doubts the Brodsky-for-Speaker storyline.

Diane Ravitch said that the achievement gap is closing, in part, because white students are scoring lower.

Comparing lawmakers to Twinkies is wrong, says the Brennan Center.

Al Sharpton’s radio listeners heard a 10-minute rambling explanation from Don Imus for his offensive remarks.

A blogger on Urban Elephants has some kind words for Eliot Spitzer because he fought “a greedy union and its hospital puppets.”

Karol’s guest bloggers have arrived.

A techie at the Times is now a reporter and blogger.

And pictured above is the result of some interesting zoning on Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Giuliani, Obama, Ravitch