Elsewhere: Gore, Pataki, Zebrowski


Hillary Clinton will participate in her first presidential debate on April 26, which Rick Carlin thinks is soon.

When she’s at Al Sharpton’s event later this month, Hillary will be the only candidate to have her comments broadcast on Sharptons radio show.

Hillary is more worried about Al Gore than Barack Obama, according to Dan Gerstein.

By the way, Gore will be here soon.

The Brennan Center notes that the $25 million Barack Obama raised for his 2008 bid could, if he ran for office in New York, have been raised by as few as 1,381 contributors.

Matt Schuerman reports on the city’s decision to help build a parking lot with 3,000 additional spots for the new Yankee Stadium, which makes some neighborhood advocates angry.

A DOT official swears she doesn’t hate cupcakes, but is just following the law.

George Pataki said “the lessons of New York” could be helpful to the people rebuilding New Orleans, and Cooper wonders how.

The acting executive director of the Nassau County Democratic Party left that position for a new job.

Rockland County Democrats endorsed Ken Zebrowski, Jr. to run for the seat his late father held until recently.

And pictured above is what happens when taxi cabs turn 100 years old.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Gore, Pataki, Zebrowski