Elsewhere: Norman, Spitzer, Poppins

Ben wonders what gun policies the 2008 White House candidates will advocate in light of the shooting at Virginia Tech.

The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association announced today that their annual meeting will be held on June 9 in Wallkill, NY.

A fortune teller predicts Barack Obama will only be president if he is first Hillary Clinton’s Vice President.

Mike Bloomberg will discuss his plans for 2030 on April 22.

Former Brooklyn Democratic boss Clarence Norman was sentenced to an additional one to three years in jail.

The Times has an interactive map of presidential fund-raising.

The state’s largest union of government workers starts negotiating with Eliot Spitzer’s people tomorrow.

Spitzer named a new chairman of the state ethics commission.

Elana Levin says “undocumented immigrants are behaving more patriotically by investing in America than rich tax dodgers do.”

Nassau and Suffolk Democrats are holding major fund-raisers today and tomorrow.

The Associated Press has quotes from Pulitzer Prize winners.

Liz has the commercial for Mayor Poppins. (Check out the cameo by Mark Green!).

And above is a meeting of the Small Business Committee of the City Council, featuring many members of the public — and one Council member. Elsewhere: Norman, Spitzer, Poppins