Elsewhere: Schiffman, Quinn, Bell


City Council candidate Harry Schiffman got $18,745 in matching funds from the city’s Campaign Finance Board, who also fined the city comptroller $1,875.

Imus is out.

Chuck Schumer has 10 questions he wants answered by Alberto Gonzales.

Andrew Sullivan slams Al Sharpton, saying there is “rampant black homophobia” and that “minorities should not get a pass on their own bigotry.”

Karol wants an apology from Sharpton.

Ben has more mail from Barack Obama.

Nobody from the New York’s Democratic congressional delegation attended a labor event yesterday featuring Hillary Clinton’s rival, John Edwards.

Might the Sean Bell case be moved to a different county?

NJ Senator Jim Frank Lautenberg has a media team in place for his upcoming re-election campaign.

Christine Quinn opposes renaming a street after a self-proclaimed “anti-white” activist Sonny Carson.

The New York Sun turns 5 years old on April 16.

And pictured above is UFT President Randi Weingarten, chatting with Council members Robert Jackson and Eric Gioia. Elsewhere: Schiffman, Quinn, Bell