Elsewhere: Spitzer, Schumer, Vonnegut

Rick Karlin has details on Eliot Spitzer’s tax returns.

Joe Bruno, who criticized Spitzer’s big-ticket fund-raiser, has one of his own.

Hillary Clinton’s poll results are mixed.

But she’s leading in the effort to court the Hispanic vote.

Katie Couric wonders if America is ready for a president who once prayed in a mosque.

The Empire Zone notes one of the most unusually shaped legislative districts in New York.

Reader’s Digest thinks Mike Bloomberg is just great.

Governor Jon Corzine’s surgeon said he’s lucky to be alive.

Roy Moskowitz blogs about one of his clients, Chris Owens.

Ryan Sager has video of Rudy Giuliani’s speech at the Club for Growth.

The 92nd Street Y offers a podcast of Kurt Vonnegut’s first public reading of Breakfast of Champions.

And above is Chuck Schumer, with some kind words for the oft-maligned New York State Assembly. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Schumer, Vonnegut