[em]Times[/em] Names James Glanz as Baghdad Bureau Chief

We’re delighted to announce what has been an open secret around the building: Jim Glanz will be our next Baghdad bureau chief.

Jim is a veteran Baghdad hand, who arrived in the spring of 2004 and immediately began stamping his unique authority on a stream of cutting-edge stories about reconstruction. Jim has owned that beat in Baghdad, combining his scientist’s eye with meticulous and aggressive reporting to produce stories that demonstrated the ambition and then the collapse of the American reconstruction effort in Iraq.

But Jim is not only an extraordinary observer of how things work; he is also a journalist of great versatility and cool judgment. While Dexter Filkins was on the front lines in Falluja in the fall of 2004, Jim coordinated the coverage from Baghdad with his trademark exactitude and comprehensiveness. Throughout his tenure in Iraq, he has weighed in on a wide variety of stories, from chronicling the corruption in the oil industry to the travails of Iraq’s constitution. Jim also understands the weight of responsibility that a Baghdad bureau chief bears for helping make sure that our reporters, photographers and Iraqi staff stay safe.

As veteran Baghdad hands cycle out, we are replenishing the bureau with an infusion of new talent: Damien Cave and Alissa Rubin have already produced hard-hitting, beautifully written and insightful coverage; Steve Farrell will join the bureau soon and bring his experience to our already strong team.

We are enormously proud of the coverage by a brave and dedicated Baghdad bureau under John Burns’s inspired leadership. We know the bureau under Jim will be in excellent hands.

Susan and Ethan [em]Times[/em] Names James Glanz as Baghdad Bureau Chief