Eugene Surprised by Questions


So City Council candidate Dr. Mathieu Eugene won a February 20th election but declined to verify that he met residency requirements. Now he’s running for the seat again, and finds himself having to deal with more questions — about the repayment of a loan, about the operation of his non-profit, and, oddly, about his medical credentials. (Eugene’s campaign has said that he graduated from medical school in Mexico, but has not authorized the school to release any information about whether he attended.)

When I spoke with Eugene in his campaign office yesterday before a rally with supporters, he said he was “surprised” by all the inquiries, and that he would make his diploma from medical school available.

“For me, I feel it was a distraction,” he said. “And I don’t know why exactly they single me out and why they were treating me like that. And I don’t believe that should have been an issue, because I’m running for City Council and being a doctor is not a requirement to be a City Council member. And let me tell you, I’m a doctor of medicine, even [though] I don’t practice medicine in the United States. If it was a requirement, I believe I would be the only one to get a chance — to be qualified.”


“If they want to see it, I will be willing to show them. I was surprised to see this big scenario about my degrees, but — that was unbelievable.”

— Azi Paybarah Eugene Surprised by Questions