Foot Joke Falls Flat

To the Editor:

While I have enjoyed watching Simon Doonan’s occasional television appearance, I was very disheartened by his comments about the size of black women’s feet [“Brava for Big-Footed Broads!”, April 16]. As a black woman, I wear a size nine and a half, giving me the largest shoe size (with the exception of my mother, who is a size 10) of any woman in my family or group of friends. Although he prefaced his statement by saying that it was going to be un-P.C., it went well beyond that. It was downright offensive.

Mr. Doonan could easily have discussed Ms. Webb’s shoe size (which increased only because of her pregnancy) without making the erroneous generalization that black women have larger feet. Growing up with and attending school with white women, I have met a couple who’ve had larger feet than myself.

I hope my comments lead Mr. Doonan to be more enlightened in his choice of words, and of the boxes in which he places groups of people. Suppose I try to place short, gay white men in a box?

Tracey Louis

Foot Joke Falls Flat