Giuliani's First Quarter

Giuliani has $10.8 million on hand for the primary and $11.9 million on hand overall.

So said Giuliani Campaign Manager Mike DuHaime in a conference call this afternoon, in which he added that headquartering the campaign in New York meant that Giuliani had to pay bigger bills and spend more money than other candidates.

“Being in New York is somewhat unique, because helping our people travel here means higher than average costs,” said DuHaime, adding that radio and online advertising also factored into the spending. “We have to spend money to raise money.”

We’re presently sifting through the names and donations in the FEC filing . For all those doing the same, let us know if you catch something interesting.

Campaign statement:

Giuliani Campaign Announces First Quarter Financials

Reports Over $10.8 Million Total Primary Cash on Hand,

Nearly $12 Million Total Cash on Hand

New York City – The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced today a strong fundraising showing with a total of $11.9 million cash on hand – $10.8 million for the primary and $1.13 million for the general. The campaign reported total receipts of $16.6 million for the quarter and over $18 million for the cycle, including $14.7 million raised for the first quarter of the year and $1.85 million transferred from Friends of Giuliani. $13.6 million of the total first quarter contributions is in primary dollars.

The campaign’s growing momentum is evident in the $11.4 million raised in the month of March alone $9.9 million of which is forth primary. Contributions have been received from all fifty states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

“The numbers speak for themselves – we are running an efficient campaign and our fundraising efforts are strong,” said Roy Bailey, National Finance Chairman. “We believe the Mayor’s optimistic message will continue to resonate with voters and financial supporters across the country.”

FEC Quarterly Report Highlights:

· Primary Election Cash on Hand: $10,814,834 (91%)

· General Election Cash on Hand $1,134,900 (9%)

· Total Cash on Hand: $11,949,734

· Total Receipts: $16,623,410 (includes $1,850,000 transferred from Friends of Giuliani)

· Total Raised in March: $11,482,486

Giuliani's First Quarter