Gotbaum's Dozen for Bloomberg's 2030

Betsy Gotbaum is calling for a citywide forum to discuss Mayor Bloomberg’s proposals to make New York City, greener, leaner, and less congested by the year 2030.

Also, hand delivered to reporters in City Hall just now are “Twelve for 2030,” articles written by environmentalists discussing Bloomberg’s 127 proposals which were compiled by Gotbaum’s office. [Link is on its way]

“The purpose of these articles is to facilitate a dialogue among the administration, advocates for environmentally sustainable urban planning, and the people of New York,” Gotbaum wrote in the new report.

Which gets at the idea that the administration doesn't take criticism well from some folks. To be fair, the Mayor's people did have numerous town hall meetings before unveiling the plan. Gotbaum's Dozen for Bloomberg's 2030