Hochberg: More Events in Second Quarter

Despite Hillary Clinton’s record haul in the first quarter, her supporters say that her fund-raising efforts are just getting started.

Echoing reports like this one, Clinton bundler Fred Hochberg said Hillary plans to be more active in fund-raising in the second quarter by doing “a lot more events in April to June, in a lot more places.”

Hochberg disagreed with the notion that Hillary would have a harder time raising money than Barack Obama in the second quarter because many in her loyal network of donors had already hit the ceiling for permissible donations.

“I brought in a lot of people who hadn’t given before,” he said, by way of providing an example.

As for the surprising strength of Barack Obama’s numbers, Hochberg cast his impressive primary total within the context of a strong Democratic showing across the board.

“I assumed he was going to come in second,” Hochberg said of Obama. “He did very, very well and the Democrats overall did spectacular. I think we have got to get rid of George Bush, and that’s what this is all about.”

–Jason Horowitz Hochberg: More Events in Second Quarter