Grindhouse Producer Builds West Village Greenhouse

Grindhousing film mogul Harvey Weinstein has had trouble with this weekend’s grosses, though that hasn’t interfered with his massive real-estate plans.

His new Far West Village townhouse, which he bought last June for $14.95 million, will now have more than its eight fireplaces, seven bedrooms and a screening room. According to neighbor Mimi Sheraton, the veteran food critic (and a Greenwich Village resident since World War II), Mr. Weinstein is building a greenhouse and a koi pond.

“I don’t know if it’s dangerous or man-eating or something,” Ms. Sheraton said about the Asian-fish pool. (Thankfully, the multihued pets are relatively peaceful.) “I’m waiting to see if the squirrels in the neighborhood go after them.”

She said she and the neighbors had been privy to Mr. Weinstein’s lush plans because his representatives had genially kept them informed. According to city records, Mr. Weinstein’s application to construct a one-story greenhouse above his backyard cellar was approved last month.

The estimated cost of the greenhouse work is listed on the permit at $285,000.

But some Villagers don’t always smile on new construction: Online records show that a tipster called the Department of Buildings to complain that there was illegal construction last weekend, although no outlaw work was observed by the scarily named “emergency response team.”

Despite these big construction plans, the Weinstein Company has fallen on hard times: Its squalid throwback Grindhouse, for example, is tanking at the box office. Mr. Weinstein can comfort himself with his extra $6.8 million condo on Spring Street, which he bought in 2005. Grindhouse Producer Builds West Village Greenhouse