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The 10 Most Expensive Buildings in New York City If every New York City office building went up for sale,

The 10 Most Expensive Buildings in New York City
If every New York City office building went up for sale, which ones would sell for the highest price? The Observer asked the denizens of the real estate world–the people who buy the buildings and the ones who trade them–which towers they thought would close with the biggest price tags.
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The Crisis of the Upper-Middle Class: Big Pay Is Piddling in New York
Pity upper-middle class Manhattanites. The average sales price of apartments here has spiked so extremely–tripling in the last decade to a record $1,295,445, according to a recent Prudential Douglas Elliman report–that only the most excessively well-heeled can become local owners.
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City Mean to Developers Being Green?
Despite the hype about green roofs; despite the rampant branding of luxury residences with names like The Solaire and Tribeca Green; despite the cachet that once-repulsive ideas have now garnered (waterless urinals! recycled rainwater!); technologies that allow buildings to generate at least a portion of their own power in a clean, efficient way are having trouble catching on in Manhttan.
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Another for Broadway Partners! Busy Firm Buys 280 Park for $1.2 B.
The most ferocious investment firm of the last six months, Broadway Partners, is in contract to purchase 280 Park Avenue from Istithmar for a little more than $1.2 billion, a source said.
Murray Hill Properties Nabs 1180 Avenue of the Americas for $300 M.
One of the city’s most active landlords, Murray Hill Properties, is in contract to purchase 1180 Avenue of the Americas for at least $300 million, a source said.
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New Whole Foods Seeks 21st Amendment
Whole Foods’ whopping 71,000-square-foot new supermarket opened last week on the Bowery at Houston Street, boasting perhaps the most extensive selection of groceries in Manhattan–though not a drop of alcohol. No organic Oregonian red wines. No earthy Vermont microbrews. Not even any gluten-free sorghum beers.
Humble Ping-Pong Racket Merely a
(Store)front for Entreprenuerial Brothers

Barely one and a half weeks into existence, the tiny table-tennis club on Norfolk Street, which features only one ping-pong table, was already experiencing supply problems. Not that the owners’ livelihood depends on it.
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No Contract for $59 M. Guccione Mansion,
But ‘The Conservative American Loves It’

The brashest mansion in Manhattan, a nearly 20,000-square-foot Beaux-Arts townhouse that belonged to porn magnate Bob Guccione before his money woes, has entered its 13th month on the market.
N.F.L. Commish, FOX News Anchor Hike 7-Room Co-Op for $2.72 M.
Heartbreakingly, the Upper East Side has lost one of its all-American families: Roger Goodell, the new commissioner of the National Football League, and wife Jane Skinner, a brunette Fox News daytime anchoress (plus their twin daughters). The pedigree family sold its seven-room co-op at 180 East End Avenue late last month for $2.725 million.
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Mixing Legal and Liquor
Join Noreen Healy, the only commissioner from the city on the State Liquor Authority, for a crawl through Manhattan’s nightlife scene. She’ll have an Amstel Light.
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Quarterly Figures Defy Dour Predictions
“Dropped” remains a relative term in a Manhattan housing market that has apparently started 2007 with a bang, with just about every other sales-market barometer even more favorable to apartment sellers (and their brokers).
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Buh-bye, Beige!
Spring is here, sigh, a leaf trembles. If you’re going to throw everything out the window and repaint top to bottom–which New Yorkers often do because they have so much time on their hands–what color is the color of the moment?
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The Times Machine
Nobody at The New York Times seems to be able to talk about the paper’s new building without talking about the future of the newspaper–or rather, the future of the news organization.
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A Week in New York Real Estate
Madonna’s coming back! The Queen of Pop will be touring 179 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side next week where she hopes to develop a three-floor kabbalah center.
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