Irony Served on Vornado Pizza

Want to suck up to your landlord? Name a menu item in his honor.

Consider the “Vornado,” the greasy, chewy, rather sauceless and entirely too cheesy 11-inch, thin-crust personal pizza served up at Joe O’s—the hallowed Hotel Pennsylvania’s downstairs bar and restaurant, located along West 33rd Street.

The entire building, built in 1919, is presently owned by real-estate behemoth Vornado Realty Trust. How has the landlord responded to its $13 tomato, pepperoni and mozzarella memorial?

By likening the whole historic property to a “parking lot” in its 2005 annual report, and by reportedly planning to tear it down and construct an enormous office tower in its place.

“That’s funny,” remarked a bartender at Joe O’s on Friday afternoon, acting completely unaware of the landlord-entree connection.

Irony Served on Vornado Pizza