Mayor Holds Party for Schoen

Mayor Bloomberg will be hosting a book party for Doug Schoen at his Upper East Side townhouse tomorrow night to express his gratitude to the pollster who helped get him elected.

And that’s not the only way in which Schoen is getting mileage out of his work for Bloomberg. His new book, “The Power of the Vote: Electing Presidents, Overthrowing Dictators and Promoting Democracy Around The World,” also contains a fair amount about material about the mayor’s two winning campaigns.

He writes about one exchange at the end of August in 2001, when Bloomberg trailed Mark Green by double digits and seemed stationary in the polls.

“He pulled me aside and plaintively said, ‘I’m already in this race for $20 million; when do I start to move?'” Schoen writes.

He also explains why it pays to have a candidate with an unlimited bank account.

“‘This election is going to involve a little over a million voters,’ I said. ‘We don’t have to sample, we can do it all.’ By purchasing consumer information and using phone banks, we could build a profile of every swing voter that combined demographic, voting history and consumer data… Bloomberg’s reaction was simple and direct. ‘Let’s do it,’ he said.”

It’s that simple.

–Jason Horowitz Mayor Holds Party for Schoen