Me and Amy Magee: At Last, Artist Weds Runaway Model

On Friday, April 13, fortysomething art-world eccentric Peter Tunney—famous for living at the nightclub Crobar for almost an entire year and challenging Damien Hirst to an “art-off”—was married to the beautiful former model Amy Magee, 24, at Capitale in Soho, in a Marie Antoinette–themed wedding attended by over 200 guests.

The road to the lavish nuptials had its potholes. Last summer, shortly after Ms. Magee accepted Mr. Tunney’s proposal, she fled the city. “I think it’s a case of cold feet,” he mournfully told Page Six, in an item that appeared on Sept. 8. “I want to reach out to her and tell her how much I love her and want to marry her and have a family with her.”

Ms. Magee read this plea while sitting in a Miami café. She picked up the phone and was embracing her fiancé at La  Guardia Airport a day later. “It’s been like a dream ever since,” Mr. Tunney told The Transom.

 “I’m happy that Page Six could play Cupid and help out these star-crossed lovers,” said the column’s editor, Richard Johnson. “It’s nice, for once, not to be accused of destroying people’s lives. In this case, we actually helped people.”

The happy couple—he was wearing a tux with shiny gold sneakers, she a gigantic hive of an 18th-century hairdo—first met at Cipriani. “You know, I’m into math,” said the groom, who made millions in biotech investments before he became an artist. “And I was thinking, what are the chances of me meeting the love of my life at Cipriani’s? And the answer is 100 percent, because that’s where I go every day.”

So why didn’t they marry there? Maybe because Capitale owner Seth Greenberg, an old friend of Mr. Tunney’s from “the scene,” cut him a special deal. For the rest of us, Mr. Greenberg said, such a bash would “easily cost over $100,000.” Me and Amy Magee: At Last, Artist Weds Runaway Model