Member Items Without Members

Listed in this year’s state budget that passed last week were $170 million worth of member items which, in the spirit of Everything Changing, were included as a way of bringing some measure of transparency to spending to local projects.

So far, there’s no master list that actually says which members proposed which items, although Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has released his version.

While we’re waiting for the rest of the information we want, here’s a sampling of some of the discretionary spending in the budget:

Money for the Long Island Maritime Museum ($22,500) and other educational projects, listed here.

Funding for the Nan Shan Senior Center of the Chinese American Planning Council ($2,000) and other senior centers, here.

Money for the Cornell University fluid milk pricing study ($60,000) and other economic development, transportation and projects, here.

— Azi Paybarah

Member Items Without Members